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Entertaining Your Tabby

September 11, 2019

Being as September is cat month, everyone at Coastal has been sharing tips on how to keep cats healthy, happy and comfortable. This week, we’re covering the categories of toys to keep your feline occupied and less interested in clawing your couch.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Your cat needs some essential basics such as good quality wet and dry food, a set of bowls, a litter box if they live inside full time, and a scratching post. You can pick up all of this gear at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal.

Exercise Toys

Toys that encourage your kitty to get some exercise are a good thing. According to the Humane Society, this keeps cats healthy, and can help avoid obesity. Toys that involve scratching, moving parts, food or treats, plastic balls that roll on a track, and more are excellent choices.

Interactive Toys

Cats are mesmerized by interactive toys that you control, such as wand and ribbon toys. Just wiggle a toy and watch your cat come running to play. Sure, they’ll get tired of it fast (cats don’t like to show too much interest), but it will be like a brand new toy every time you bring it out to play.

Catnip Toys

In case you’re unfamiliar with catnip, it’s a flowering plant that causes cats to go a bit off-kilter. Take home any number of catnip-filled toys and your cat will either be very happy or very sleepy after playing for a few minutes. While catnip doesn’t affect every cat the same, most do get some benefit from the plant.

Want to grow your own catnip? For best results, sow your seeds in spring after the last frost. And be sure to plant it in an outside planter to keep it from spreading. In addition, keeping it in a planter will keep cats out of your flowerbed and garden as they become attracted by the maturing catnip plants.

To harvest the catnip, trim a stalk just above a joint (where a leaf or leaves spring from a stalk). Let the leaves dry indoors for several days. Then place in an airtight container until you’re ready to give it to your feline friend. Not sure how to give a cat catnip? Grinding up the dried plant and placing it in a toy or on the ground should bring the cats running.

Mouse Toys

Whether you have a good mouser or not, every cat loves to play with mouse-shaped toys. There are a bunch to choose from, but really the overall goal here is to encourage them to hunt and eliminate rodents from your house.

Laser Toys

You can keep your tabby entertained for quite a while with something as simple as a laser pointer. Cats chasing lasers have been known to bounce, pounce, purr, and bat in pure enjoyment. Best of all, it’s super easy for you to play along.

Coastal Has Your Cat Supplies

You’ll find everything you need to keep your cat happy and healthy at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. That includes aisles of beds, food, feeders, collars, medication, and toys. Stop by and tell us what you need, and we’ll send you home with everything on your list.