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Animals | October 17, 2020

Coastal Nutrition Talk with Nutrena: Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Amino Acids

Prebiotics, probiotics, and amino acids are essential to animal health. This week, Meg is chatting with our friends at Nutrena® about these vital feed ingredients and what they do for every animal on your farm or ranch, including the pets that live in your home.

Q: What are prebiotics and probiotics?   

Prebiotics are food for the probiotics, which promote beneficial gut bacteria for digestive health. Together, these ingredients promote natural growth.

Q: Why do animals need prebiotics and probiotics? 

Gut health is vital. When you give animals a guaranteed amount of prebiotics and probiotics, you’re improving feed efficiencies through proper digestion. This allows animals to break down their food faster for quicker absorption of nutrients. These ingredients also help reduce issues due to stress during competition and diet changes.   

Q: What are amino acids

There are ten amino acids every animal needs to live. That’s why it’s important to know if specific amino acids are in your animal’s feed, even if they are on hay or grazing in a pasture. Amino acids contain nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. According to the experts at Nutrena, ensuring amino acids, also known as proteins, are in an animal’s feed is important and helps with digestion.

Q: How can you be sure you’re giving your animals the amino acids, prebiotic and probiotics they need?

The Nutrena experts suggest reading feed tags carefully. If the guaranteed ingredients are on the tag, then you’ll know your animals are getting what they need.

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