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Animals | November 14, 2020

Coastal Nutrition Talk with Nutrena: Empower Boost & Topline Balance

Nutrena Coastal 101 Equine Horse Topline Nutrition Pasture Enhancer

When you care for a horse, two of your top concerns are body condition and topline. This week, our very own Meg talks with Brian from Nutrena® about both and how to ensure your equine gets the nutrition they need all winter long.



Q: How do you feed to improve topline?

A:Exercise alone isn’t the answer. Especially in winter. Adjusting to feed that is high in protein and amino acids can make a big difference. Nutrena® Topline Balance Diet Balancer has everything you need to improve your horse’s topline balance.

Q: My horse’s body condition needs a little help? Can I use Topline Balance?

A:Yes. Nutrena® Topline Balance can be used to keep the topline where you want it. But you should also add calories with a high-fat supplement.

Q: My horse is primarily out on pasture. Is there a feed for extra nutrients?

A:Without getting your pasture tested for nutrients, you don’t know what your horse is missing. Nutrena® Topline Balance gives them everything they need.

Q: Do you need to wait until a horse is a certain age for Topline Balance?

A:Yes. Wait until your horse is weened

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