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Coastal 101 | Animals

Coastal 101: Horse Leg Wraps

October 18, 2018

Applying a leg wrap or bandage is something every horse owner eventually learns. After all, there are plenty of times that a leg wrap can be safely used to protect your horse from impacts, contaminants or infection, help reduce swelling from exercise or injury, or as a way to support tendons and ligaments from strain. Here are some quick tips to get you started when applying a leg wrap.

Stay Safe

When applying a bandage to horse’s legs it’s very important to remain vigilant. Because some horses do not like their legs being wrapped, try to apply the bandage while crouched instead of kneeling or sitting.

Refine Your Technique

Start with approved vet wrap or ask your vet about the bandages they recommend. While it might seem simple to just wrap a bandage around a horse’s leg, there are some points to follow that can project your horse.

Only apply a bandage after the leg is dry and clean. Moisture under the bandage can cause issues and infections. Also, remove straw, dirt, and other foreign materials. If they remain under the bandage, they can cause irritation and worsen infections.

Use moderate- and even-pressure when applying the bandage. If you under-tighten, it can fall off. Overtightening can cause circulation issues. Even-pressure helps reduce tendon damage.

Reapply a new bandage often. This helps reduce moisture and the risk of infections or tendon damage.

Overlap your layers. Each layer should overlap by 50 percent to keep the edges from causing pain.

Keep everything smooth. It’s vital that you keep wrinkles out of the bandage. These can cause pressure points when an overlapping layer pushes the wrinkle into the leg.

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