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Coastal 101 | Animals

Coastal 101: Grow & Maintain a Beautiful Mane and Tail

September 7, 2018

In Today’s Coastal 101, Dr. Kelsey Nonella, Ph. D., shares some tips on growing and maintaining a beautiful mane and tail on your horse. That includes information about washing and maintaining the tail, as well as the advantages of adding biotin, zinc, and methionine to your equine’s diet with the help of Horse GuardTM.

You’ll Find Horse GuardTM at Coastal

Horse GuardTM provides essential nutrients that could be missing from your equine’s diet, including Hoof & Hair Guard as well as their 4-in-1 Trifecta. You’ll find those and a whole section of equine feed, gear, and health-related products at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal.