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May 3, 2018

Choosing the Right Feed for Your Horse’s Needs

Horse owners everywhere know how time-consuming it can be to pick the right feed. With so many to choose from, including those that offer low carbs or the ideal mixture of fat, protein, fiber, and nutrients, it can seem complicated and overwhelming. That’s why many horse owners often switch feeds or end up mixing in a variety of supplements. By taking the time to compare ingredients and a feed’s guaranteed analysis, you can save yourself time and money, while helping your horse look good and feel their best.

Reading Labels

Be sure to analyze the guaranteed analysis as well as the overall ingredients on any bag of feed before you give it to your horse. Triple Crown feeds are formulated to give a horse exactly what it needs for optimal health. Comparing Triple Crown with other feeds quickly showcases just how many guaranteed digestive aids (including prebiotics and probiotics), vitamins, and minerals are left out of some brands. While those feeds may be less expensive overall, the costs add up fast when it becomes necessary to supplement missing items, such as fat, probiotics, and more.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you feed Triple Crown Senior at the recommended amount of 5 lbs. per day to your 1,000 lbs. horse. You’d be spending about $2.40 per day. Because that feed has everything a horse needs, you would not need to add supplements or extra calories.

On the other hand, a bag of generic senior feed that costs less might only add up to $1.80 at 5 lbs. per day. But with a lower fat content for calories and missing nutrients, you’ll likely need to add more calories and nutrients, including a probiotic supplement, adding an additional $1.25 per day to the total. That comes to just over $3 per day.

Everyday Feeding

It’s very important to ensure you’re giving your horse the recommended daily amount of feed. If you don’t, your horse might not get the nutrients it needs. You’ll find the necessary information on your bag of feed. Need help determining your horse’s overall health and daily feed needs? Check out our article Body Condition Scoring for Your Horse’s Health where we share how to determine if your horse is at their optimal weight.

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Coastal Carries Triple Crown

You’ll find your next bag of horse feed at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal, including a full line of Triple Crown feeds. All Triple Crown feeds include Equimix® Technology, which contains 100% organic selenium yeast, organic minerals to help with absorption, the highest levels of guaranteed prebiotics and probiotics, mycotoxin binders, as well as kelp meal, and digestive enzymes to improve digestion of nutrients. Compare ingredients the next time you’re in the store and see how Triple Crown Feed can save you time and money in the long run.

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