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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

February 3, 2017

Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

Half of all Americans own a dog (or two…and sometimes three). Like any smart canine, those dogs love to lounge on our furniture and beds. Who can blame them? However, plenty of studies have proven that sleeping with your pet can interrupt your sleep. If that’s you, it could be time to get Fido his own bed.

Listen to Your Dog

Finding the right bed for your dog starts by closely watching where they like to sleep. If your drool-monster prefers a chair, the couch or a pile of blankets, look for a firm bed with plenty of support. If they like to hide under blankets or pillows, a quiet and safe-feeling bed is great. And for those dogs that simply love human beds, it’s important to they have a bed where they can stretch out.

Once you know what kind of bed to buy, it’s a matter of choosing the right shape, insert, and size based on your dog’s needs.

Older Dogs

Arthritis and joint pain are a real bummer. If your elderly dog could talk, they’d tell you to buy a thick, supportive bed that includes memory foam. Just be sure to buy a waterproof cover. Older dogs have a tendency to “leak,” and memory foam has a knack for holding odors.

Small Dogs

There is no shortage of dog beds out there for small to medium breeds. Just be sure to buy one that actually fits them. Beds that include sides and covers are extremely popular.

Big dogs

The heavier the dog, the more support they need. Choose a bed with memory foam or other firm materials. Depending on the size and weight of your canine, you may need to replace the bed every couple of years.

Cold Dogs

If your doggie friend is always cold or hiding behind piles of clothes or pillows, a cave-style or nesting bed could be perfect. The filing in these beds is often very soft, allowing the dog to store more heat and sink into security and comfort.

Coastal Tip: Low-energy, plug-in heating pads specially designed for small to medium dogs can help them keep warm. For best results, add one to your dog’s bed below the main cushion. 

Hot Dogs

If Sparky has long hair or emits a ton of heat at night, look for a cot style bed. These allow airflow below and atop your dog. You can even add a blanket or two for added coziness.

Stinky Dog

Some dogs are just smellier than others. To combat the odor, try a cedar filled bed. Cedar dissipates most any smell your four-legged friends might bring into the house. Plus, cedar repels fleas and ticks.

Pet Bed Chart

Pamper Your Pet at Coastal

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