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Animals | June 26, 2021

Caring for Your Pets When Fireworks Boom

Celebrating our nation’s independence with fireworks is an American tradition. But not all pets love the booms and explosions. When fireworks start, some pets become anxious. Some run away. Here are some quick tips to help your pet safely weather the festivities.

Keep Pets Indoors: Flashing lights, explosions, and strong smells can upset the most resilient pet. Keeping them inside the house, or inside a small room or crate, can help a lot. If you’re not home, be sure they are on a leash and unable to pull free or tangle themselves. Remember to close windows and sliding-glass doors as many pets can break through screens if they are frightened.

Talk to Your Veterinarian: Sometimes the best treatment for anxiety due to fireworks can be medication. Ask your vet about anti-anxiety medications, sedatives, or other products. Just be aware that medications can often leave dogs and other pets sedated for hours or even days.

Try CBD Oil for Pets: Stop by and pick up Pet Releaf at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. This high-quality CBD oil is not a controlled substance and can be healthy for many pets. The correct application and product can alleviate anxiety as well as help with pain and inflammation.

Double-Check Pet Collars and Tags: If your dog or cat does get out and runs away, having up-to-date contact information on their tag can help you locate them.  

Coastal Loves Furry Critters

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