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Canine Corner: Auggie’s After Surgery Care

April 26, 2018

When the cute canine August West (Auggie) suffered CrCL (cranial cruciate ligament) tears in his hind legs, his family quickly took him to the vet. Dr. Sherri Morris with Plateau Veterinary Hospital & Orthopedic Center in Bend, Oregon suggested Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) surgery. The technique involves cutting bones and implanting titanium foam to level the tibia and create more stable knees. Thankfully, the operation was a success. We chatted with Dr. Morris about Auggie’s specific post-operation care and how a combination of laser therapy and limited activity helped with his recovery.

Auggie’s Limited Mobility

After surgery, August West’s family had to limit his mobility to ensure the bone was able to heal around the implants and did not slip out of place.

Coastal tip: As with any pet surgery, it’s advisable to follow your veterinarian’s directions to ensure a quick and solid recovery for your pet’s specific needs.

In Auggie’s case, limiting his time off leash has helped reduce re-injury. Fact is, Auggie is still limited to leashed bathroom breaks in the backyard. Gradually, he’ll be allowed longer walks and eventually given the freedom to run off leash. In the meantime, Dr. Morris has prescribed laser therapy as a way to promote healing and pain relief.

Using Laser Therapy

While lasers were once science fiction, they are now science fact. Specific lasers can be used to treat injuries and provide relief. According to the Plateau Veterinary Hospital & Orthopedic Center’s website, laser therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment that reduces inflammation and promotes the body’s own healing process. The laser allows veterinarians to treat deeper tissues in five to 10 minutes. Best of all, the inflammation is reduced for up to 24 hours, giving pets time to heal.

Dr. Morris uses laser therapy to treat acute and chronic conditions, wounds, infections, pain relief, joint and digestive issues, as well as geriatric care, hip dysplasia, and arthritis.

The quick and easy treatments were a bonus for Auggie’s family, who already lead incredibly busy lives.

Asking the Right Questions

Many families are not sure about laser therapy at first. The questions Dr. Morris hears most often include how the laser treatment works, how many treatments are necessary, as well as information about side effects.

The laser system works by sending photons into the tissue without damaging it. That light is absorbed into the cells which then induce a chemical change called photo-bio-modulation. This gives the cells the energy they need to repair themselves at an accelerated rate. The treatments take just minutes to complete, but the number of treatments varies depending on your pet’s needs. As for side effects, there aren’t any, according to Dr. Morris.

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