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Got a Question about Your Animals? Ask a Vet!

January 12, 2020

Got a Question about Your Animals? Ask a Vet!

When it comes to furry and feathered critters, we stock our shelves with almost everything pet and livestock owners could ever need. But sometimes, a question comes up that requires a veterinarian’s careful input. That’s why we’re introducing Ask a Vet in partnership with local Vets in each of our Markets.

This Week’s Questions

At Coastal, we get animal questions every day. We’ve compiled a few of them below along with answers. If you have a question about your dog, cat, chickens, sheep, pigs, cattle, horse, or other animals, send them over to and we’ll do our best to find some answers.

Q: I heard some peanut butters can make dogs sick. Is that true?

A: Some brands of low-calorie peanut butters can contain an ingredient called xylitol. It’s a sweetener used in gum, candy, baked goods, toothpaste, protein bars, and some peanut butters. Before giving your dog peanut butter, look carefully at the list of ingredients. If they ingest xylitol, get them to a vet right away. Check out our article Protecting Your Pooch from Xylitol for more.  

Q: My dog got sprayed by a skunk. How do I clean her (and our house) up?

A: Humane Society has the best remedy for cleaning your canine. Mix 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, and 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap. Then, scrub your dog down thoroughly. Rinse and repeat as needed. As for your couch, this remedy may or may not work perfectly. More about this and other cures can be found in Skunk Spray Remedies.

Q: My cat vomits a lot. Is that normal?

A: When a feline vomits, it can indicate quite a few issues. Those include something they ate, an infection, diabetes, or a hairball. Usual checkups at the vet are always a good idea. Check out these Tips for a Healthy Feline.

Looking for a veterinarian or have an immediate question? Ask about Good Neighbor Vet at your local Coastal. They offer advice and affordable help with pet micro-chipping, diagnostic testing, vaccinations, parasite treatments, and other services.  

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