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Ag News

Coastal Ag News Roundup

September 3, 2019
In this week’s Ag News Roundup, farmers and ranchers support philanthropy, sudden oak disease still under wraps in Curry county, wheat harvest wraps up across the Northwest, WSDA shares ag statistics, and boosting numbers of Coho could bring positive economic benefits.

Farm Bureau Members Support Philanthropy

Members of the American Farm Bureau Federation are encouraging additional grassroots outreach programs to enhance communities and local charities. Spokespersons with the bureau cite the 100 year anniversary of the organization as well as the giving nature of its members for the push.

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Spread of Sudden Oak Death Disease Limited by Aggressive Efforts

According to Oregon State University, 20 years ago sudden oak death disease was discovered by forest pathologists who worked quickly to stop the spread of the disease. Today, that known area has not spread beyond Curry County in southwest Oregon.

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Northwest Farmers Wrap up Wheat Harvests

The Eastern Oregonian is reporting that many farmers in the region are wrapping up their wheat harvests to minimize the effects of global price decreases.

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WSDA Shares Washington Facts and Figures

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has shared information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding the state’s agricultural production.

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Economic Benefits Could Come with Boost in Number of Coho Salmon

From Oregon State University, a new study shows that increasing the numbers of a threatened or endangered species can bring positive economic benefits to a community or region. The study published in the journal PLOS ONE, shows that an increase in Coho salmon could generate $518 million per year.

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