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Ag News

Coastal Ag News Roundup

August 13, 2019
In today’s Ag News Roundup, relaxed ditch cleaning bill passed in Oregon, solar panels found to work best on ag land, controlling pests in your garden starts with careful examination, states want to boost women ag business opportunities, and wolves spotted in eastern Oregon.

Oregon Passes Ditch Cleaning Bill

According to the Capital Press, Oregon’s governor has signed a bill designed to reduce regulations related to ditch cleaning for farmers and ranchers. House Bill 2437 allows landowners to remove more sediment than previously allowed.

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Solar Panels on Ag Land Could Fulfill Global Electric Energy Demand

According to an Oregon State University study published in the journal Scientific Reports, if less than 1% of global agricultural land was used to support solar panels, the result could fulfill worldwide energy demands. The team found that solar panel efficiency dropped when placed in desert regions, but became more efficient on agricultural land.

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How to Carefully Control Garden Pests

Oregon State University Extension Service has released advice to gardeners related to controlling specific insect and other pests. The team of researchers urge those throughout the region to know what insects are causing issues before deciding on a path of control.

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Woman-owned Ag Business Survey to Boost Success

The Washington State Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Agriculture have announced a partnership to help women-run farm businesses grow, as well as provide training in product development.

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Photos Captured of Wolves in Eastern Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have captured photos of wolves first seen by trappers in the Hog Creek and Long Creek Mountain areas. Ranchers and the department are carefully monitoring the wolves to avoid the loss of livestock.

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