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Ag News

Coastal Ag News Roundup

May 7, 2019
In today’s Ag News Roundup, Northwest agriculture industry continues to grow, Washington state to fund faster rural internet, the future of frogs may be in jeopardy due to stressed tadpoles, huge Oregon dairy wants to harness natural gas, and OSU shares ways to control apple scab.

Northwest Ag Continues to Grow

From the Capital Press, the 2017 Census of Agriculture found that the Pacific Northwest agriculture industry has grown steadily in recent years, especially with commodities like milk and apples.

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Faster, Rural Internet Gets Funding in Washington

Washington lawmakers have set aside $21.55 million to boost the speed and accessibility of the internet in rural parts of the state. The money will be distributed over two years.

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Stressed Tadpoles Live Harder Lives as Frogs

According to new research by Oregon State University, tadpoles that are stressed as juveniles tend to move less on land, limiting their survival overall. This can be especially true in areas prone to drought.

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Dairy Plans to Use Cow Manure to Make Natural Gas

One of Oregon’s largest dairies is hoping to turn the millions of gallons of cow manure that its cows produce into natural gas. The dairy has some 30,000 cows and currently creates electricity using a methane digester. That state is reviewing the request.

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OSU Shares Methods to Control Apple Scab

Oregon State University Extension Service has shared seven tips to control apple scab, and help growers minimize the damage left by this springtime problem.

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