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Ag News

Coastal Ag News Roundup

February 26, 2019

In today’s Ag News Roundup, action needed to curb wolves in Washington, advice on saving struggling plants, new wheat fights celiac disease, farmers offended by proposed bill in Washington, and U.S. crop production may have outpaced demand.

Washington Lawmaker Wants Action on Wolves

Washington State Representative Joel Kretz is pushing for legislation or action around wolves found on ranches and in areas in the four northeast counties he represents. He says more family ranches will be forced out of business if the wolves are allowed to thrive in the region.

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How to Identify the Problem with a Struggling Plant

Oregon State University Extension Service has released information on how to identify a problem before treating a struggling plant. Some of the basic advice includes monitoring water conditions, pests, and other issues. It’s hoped the insights will save people time and money.

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Wheat Developed that Fights Celiac Disease

According to researchers at Washington State University, a new, genetically distinct variety of wheat has been created that could be safer for individuals with celiac disease. The new genotype of wheat includes built-in enzymes that break down the proteins that often cause the issues.

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Washington State Farmers Offended by Bill

A bill endorsed by some on the Washington Senate Labor and Commerce Committee would require dairy farmers and fruit grows to report if they use slaves to produce their crops. Farm lobbyists have urged lawmakers to kill the bill before it goes further.

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U.S. Ag Production May Have Outpaced Demand

The USDA has stated that productivity may have outpaced demand within the U.S., but exports of wheat, corn, and other grains are outpacing other country production. The full report is available from the USDA.

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