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Ag News | February 11, 2019

Coastal Ag News Roundup

In today’s Ag News Roundup, Oregon Farm Bureau taking on tough challenges, communication key to ag future, experts share pesticide options, broadband coming to rural Washington, and changes to Oregon’s coastal vegetation.

Oregon Farm Bureau Taking on New Challenges

Sharon Waterman, the new president of the Oregon Farm Bureau has said she is looking forward to helping tackle issues facing agriculture throughout the state, including Southern Oregon, where she has spent a decade working on fixing timber trespass laws.

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FFA Says Listening Key to Ag Future

At the Spokane Ag Expo, one speaker has urged farmers and ranchers to listen to public concerns and to communicate clearly to encourage future growth in agricultural and forestry. According to the report from the Capital Press, the Ag Expo also focused on how the ag and forestry industries can communicate with voters overall.

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Experts Share Pesticide Options for Backyard Gardeners

The Oregon State University Extension Service has shared some guidelines for using organic pesticides to treat pests and diseases in small gardens and backyard flowers and shrubs. The information is intended to help budding gardeners to decide when organic pesticides are needed and when other methods should be used.

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Additional Broadband Coming to Rural Washington

Washington state Representative Mary Dye has pushed to bring more broadband internet service to rural areas of the state. According to the lawmaker, this would help farmers compete in today’s global marketplace.

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Pacific Northwest Coastal Vegetation Shifting

According to recent modeling by Oregon State University researchers, some vegetation along Oregon’s coastal forests are changing. This includes a move from conifer to mixed conifer and hardwood forests.

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