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Ag News

Coastal Ag News Roundup

September 14, 2017
In today’s Ag News Roundup, drought spreads in Washington, penned heifers are more stressed, forest management being blamed for wildfires, John Deere makes a big purchase, and more livestock killed by wolves.

Drought Spreads Fast in Washington State

A lack of precipitation and some of the hottest weather on record has led to more than half of Washington being classified as “in moderate drought.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued the classification last week. In the report, they also stated the state’s average temperature for August was 5.2 degrees above normal.

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OSU Reports that Penned Heifers are Under More Stress

In a study by Oregon State University, beef heifers raised in close quarters are more stressed than those raised in pasture. The study also found that cows clustered together in “industry-standard dry-lot pens” experienced a delay in puberty, which could lead to lower conception rates and less economic advantages.

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Fire Management Practices Blasted

Complaints over logging restrictions and fire management has come to the surface amid wildfires blazing across the West. Experts as well as Oregon lawmakers cite that using funds to fight wildfires instead of thinning forest and properly logging areas have created today’s climate for massive forest fires.

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John Deere to Purchase Blue River Technology

According to John Deere, the company is in negotiations to purchase Blue River Technology. A spokesperson for the company says the move will give farmers the opportunity to manage at “the plant level.” Blue River Technology has designed a system that allows growers to use less herbicides overall.

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Wolf Killed Near Meacham

According to the East Oregonian, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed that a member of the Meacham Wolfpack has been killed. An authorized permit was issued to destroy one of the members of the pack after another attack on local livestock. This is the fifth wolf killed since August.

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