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Ag News Roundup

August 14, 2016

Field Fires Under Control Thanks to Farmers

From the Albany Democrat Herald, Linn County farmers have helped keep field fires to a minimum this year. With combines being the number one cause of field fires, 2,200-gallon water trucks are now a common sight on larger farms. Local fire chiefs have shown their appreciation for the extra help in combating fires.

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Protested Water Transfer Upheld

In opposition to local citizen protests, a state district court judge in Twin Falls, Idaho has upheld a transfer of water rights based on what is being called “substantial evidence.” The move would transfer water rights from the Idaho-Nevada border to the Berger area, located south of Twin Falls. Some believe the move will cause local, domestic wells to dry up.

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South Korea will Purchase U.S. Wheat

Previously ranked in the top five countries for U.S. wheat consumption, South Korea will once again purchase U.S. wheat after a short hiatus. Japan ranks first in wheat imports, purchasing an average of 997,000 metric tons each year. South Korea has typically purchased 679,000 metric tons.

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Rural Students Push for Healthy Snack Options

In promoting nutritious foods to local stores, elementary and middle school students in Cove, Elgin, Imbler, North Powder, and Union have encouraged six Union County Oregon grocery stores to remove some foods from its shelves. Some chips, candy, and other high-fat, high-sugar foods will be replaced by healthier snacks. Healthful alternatives will be found at school fundraisers, at classroom parties, and concession stands.

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OSU Forestry Extension Added New Positions

Five new positions have been added to the Oregon State University Forest Extension program. These new agents will reach out to woodland owners, the forest industry, and interested citizens in Lane, Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Douglas, Coos, and Curry counties, as well as the OSU campus. Those added to the team include Francisca Balart, Valerie Grant, Lauren Grand, Alicia Jones, and Norma Kline.

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