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Ag News Roundup

July 29, 2016

Local Opposition to National Monument Reaches D.C.

Speaking to Eastern Oregon residents in Malheur County in late July, U.S. Senator Wyden explained that local opposition to the proposed Owyhee Canyonlands national monument has reached the White House. However, many residents worry the plan will still move forward due to the Antiquities Act.

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Error Found in Fracking and Human Health Study

OSU researchers have fixed a calculation error and republished their study with the error corrected. The study, which had linked natural-gas fracking to “increased air pollution and heightened health risks,” has been changed to show accurate levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The corrected PAH levels are well below the EPA’s standard for air pollution.

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Next Farm Bill Being Discussed in Congress

Lawmakers have opened discussions about the next Farm Bill, putting farm programs, food stamps, and dairy issues in the spotlight. Additionally, the next Farm Bill could be spilt in two if special interest groups move their agenda forward.

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Potato Virus is Threatening Industry

The pressure to produce perfect potatoes has increased with demand over the past several years. However, new strains of potato viruses called PVY-NO and PVY-NTN are rendering some potatoes unmarketable. The virus is spread by aphids and is nearly undetectable by the naked eye.

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United Grain Corporation Ramps Up Hiring and Investments

From the East Oregonian, United Grain Corporation has hired a new staff and opened a new office on Main Street in Pendleton. The move came after the company purchased PGG’s upcountry grain elevators and Columbia River terminal. Additional improvements to old PGG properties are planned for the coming years.

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