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Ag News Roundup

April 9, 2016

New App developed to help grape growers

Grape growers now have instant assistance when trying to discern the cause of stunted or distorted grapevines. The causes can be varied, from water stress, to herbicide tainting to early frost but a new App developed by OSU extension and lead author, Patty Skinkis can help find the root cause.

The App is called Recognize the Symptons and causes of Stunted Growth in Vineyards. Skinkis and her team were motivated to find causes and solutions without always defaulting to spraying, saying “we wanted to help growers explore further before they sprayed for a pest that might not be there.”

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Gray Wolf population increasing in the Northwest

A recent annual federal report cites that gray wolf populations are increasing at a good rate in Oregon and Washington.

Wolves that were re-introduced into Yellowstone Park in the early nineties combined with small numbers of wolves in Montana. Some of those packs migrated westward into the Pacific Northwest and where their numbers are increasing in a healthy fashion.

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Making the best use of a small farm

Have a small farm you’re trying to make more advantages, or just a better producer. OSU’s extension has a series of Q & A with in-depth answer to most questions, including acreage, finances, livestock and more.

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Vibrant spring bringing early crops.

For the second year in a row, an early spring is bringing warmer temperatures to Central Washington, making cherry blossoms bloom weeks early. Early crops are mostly welcome but does makes a challenge for bees to have enough time to pollinate the blossoms.

Nicholas Loyd, meteorologist at Washington State University AgWeatherNet in Prosser, talked about the temps, saying, “Models and indicators continue to show warm temps for the next several months. Coming off a strong El Nino makes a hot summer more likely.”

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