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Ag News | November 30, 2016

Ag News Roundup

News Roundup for December 4, 2016

In today's Ag News Roundup, master gardeners will converge on Portland this summer, Washington’s Cattlemen’s Association have a new president, Idaho controls its wolf population to statewide fanfare, one of the biggest trees in the Northwest dies, and California farmers hope to avoid unnecessary climate change regulations.

International Master Gardener Conference Comes to Oregon

The 2017 International Master Gardener Conference will be held in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center July 10-14. According to Oregon State University Extension Service master gardener coordinator Gail Langellotto, the event is a “big deal for Oregon.” Just over 1,000 Master Gardeners from across the country and Canada are expected to gather for the event.

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New Washington Cattlemen’s Association President Named

Tyler Cox, Walla Wall rancher and local resident has been named the new Washington Cattlemen’s Association President. The new president hopes to use social media to bridge some gaps between cattlemen and consumers. Cox will serve a two-year term, helping the association maintain its high profile among state lawmakers, as well as further industry growth.

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Idaho’s Wolf Population Slows Thanks to Hunting Initiative

A Boise State University poll taken early in 2016 found strong support for wolf population control through hunting. According to Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the overall wolf population has stabilized thanks to the move to allow hunters to take wolves. The most recent hunts have been closely regulated since 2011, and as a result 76 percent of residents polled favored the approach.

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Big Tree Ponderosa Dies in Columbia Gorge

A massive ponderosa pine located near Trout Lake in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington has been declared dead, according to the U.S. Forest Services. Known as the Big Tree, it was one of the oldest and tallest ponderosa pines in the Pacific Northwest, believed to be nearly 500 years old. The tree contains 22,000 board feet of lumber.

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California Combats Global Warming Through Dairies

Estimates from a 2013 United Nations report shows that livestock contributes 14.5 percent of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, with a large bulk of that from beef and dairy cattle. To help combat global warming and reduce greenhouse gases, California is hoping to reduce methane gas emissions by regulating livestock operations. There is strong opposition from California farmers, who say the move will drive up costs, making it harder for the state’s farmers to stay competitive and remain in business.

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