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Ag News | September 25, 2022

Ag News Roundup: September 25th, 2022

In today’s Ag News Roundup, current weather is ideal for spring wheat harvests, changes in climate could affect farm workers, bird species find sanctuary in older forests, winter cover crops help promote soil for spring, and new research wants to know how much consumers are willing to spend on a good steak.

Weather Ideal for Spring Wheat Harvest

From the Pacific Northwest Ag Network, weather throughout the Pacific Northwest has been ideal for spring wheat harvest. Harvest numbers increased to 71%, but are still below the five-year average of 81%.

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Change in Climate Could Affect Farm Workers

From the Daily Yonder, changes in climate across the U.S. may affect the health of farm workers. Health issues could include respiratory problems, kidney diseases, as well as other heat-related illnesses and long-term conditions.

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Bird Species Find Sanctuary in Older Forests

A study by Oregon State University has found that old-growth forests as well as older, managed forests can help provide relief for some bird species facing climate changes. It’s believed forest microclimates may be responsible.

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Winter Cover Crops Help Prep Soil for Spring

From Oregon State University Extension Service, now is the right time to plant cover crops in gardens. The team at OSU Extension Service shares some great winter crops that help feed pollinators, protects soil from compaction, and keeps out weeds.

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New Study Aims at Consumer Steak Prices

From Successful Farming, a new study funded by the University of New England wants to know how much consumers are willing to spend for steak. The research asks a simple question, why would someone pay $75 for a steak, when cheaper options are available.

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