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Ag News | October 23, 2022

Ag News Roundup: October 23rd 2022

In today’s Ag News Roundup, WDFW to minimize the Smackout pack, OSU cites proactive response to fight marine disease, warmer streams might not hamper trout, Idaho reports fewer acres burned thanks to increased federal funding, and OSU begins construction of an Agrivoltaic farm.

Wolf in Smackout Pack to be Eliminated

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will attempt to kill one wolf from the Smackout pack due to continued cattle predation on private land in recent months. A lone cub had already been eliminated.

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OSU Cites Proactive Response to Fight Marine Disease

Researchers with the Oregon State University College of Science and Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine have found that the best time to fight diseases in marine species is before the need arises. The findings, published in Ecological Applications, show how the approach can benefit human livelihoods.

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Warmer Streams May Not Hamper Trout

According to findings by Oregon State University, the number of trout in southern Oregon streams following wildfires did not diminish as expected. Experts believe it shows the ability of specific species to adapt to warmer waters.

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Fewer Acres were Burned Thanks to Added Resources

From the Pacific Northwest Ag Network, the Idaho Department of Lands has reported a drastic decrease in the number of acres burned in the state thanks to increased pay for firefighters and other resources.

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Agrivoltaics Farm Begins Construction

Oregon State University has begun construction on a farm that merges agriculture and solar energy. The $1.5 million five-acre project will showcase the how the two can be brought together to boost the economy as well as food and energy output.


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