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Ag News Roundup: November 20th, 2022

November 20, 2022

In today’s Ag News Roundup, electric ag equipment could bring energy cost predictability to farmers, study finds volcanic activity linked to melting during last ice age, research into Dungeness crabs gets a $4.2 million grant, rural residents get help to work from home, and experts warn that small town economies are still struggling.

Electric Ag Equipment Could Equal Energy Cost Predictability

From the Daily Yonder, the push for electric ag equipment has begun in Oregon. Experts say that while there are issues with battery-powered machinery, energy cost predictability is one of the biggest benefits. Additionally, a ride-share type program is being introduced by one company.

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Study Finds Volcanic Activity Linked to Melting During Last Ice Age

While studying sediment cores from the North Pacific Ocean, researchers at Oregon State University have found that low ocean oxygen levels and volcanic ash may have rapidly warmed the planet during the last ice age.

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Study of Dungeness Crab Gets $4.2 Million Grant

Oregon State University has been awarded a $4.2 million grant from The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration. The money will be used to investigate how climate change stressors may be impacting marine ecosystems and Dungeness crab.

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Rural Residents Get Help to Work from Homey

From the Pacific Northwest Ag Network, University of Idaho has introduced a program to help rural residents take advantage of the digital economy. The program will help communities that have struggled with technology and online access affordability.

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Experts Warn that Rural Economies are Still Struggling

In an opinion piece from the Pacific Northwest Ag Network, rural economies have continued to struggle and regain their footing since the beginning of the pandemic.