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Ag News

Ag News Roundup: February 5, 2023

February 5, 2023

Ag news headlines this week include food prices keeping pace with inflation, dairy farmer uses social media to educate public, mobile meat processing truck makes debut, high-skill job growth strong in rural regions, and the history of slaughterhouse tourism.

Food Prices Keeping Pace with Inflation

From the Pacific Northwest Ag Network, food prices have continued to outpace inflation. According to the experts, food prices seem to be impacted by global conflicts, fertilizer and animal feed prices, as well as avian flu.

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Dairy Farmer Uses Social Media to Educate Public

In an attempt to share the viewpoints and realities facing dairy farmers, Derrick Josi of Tillamook, Oregon has used social media, amassing over a million followers. His matter-of-fact delivery and posts appear on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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Mobile Meat Processing Truck Makes Debut

A Washington State University meat processing truck was purchased and upgraded with a grant from the state Department of Agriculture. The truck is designed to be educational, teaching people about retail and wholesale meat cuts.

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High-Skill Job Growth Strong in Rural Regions

The Pacific Northwest Ag Network is reporting that job growth in rural regions of Oregon and Washington has seen an increase in high-skilled jobs. These includes real estate, security services, administration, and more. The growth is consistent with an increase in college-educated individuals in the communities surveyed.

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Slaughterhouse Tourism was Once a Thing

From the Daily Yonder, while most people don’t know where their food actually comes from and the work that goes into safely processing and transporting it, back in the early 1900s, Americans were captivated by slaughterhouses and often toured these local companies.

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