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Ag News

Ag News Roundup: April 25th, 2021

April 24, 2021

In today’s Ag News Roundup, OSU creates a new purple tomato, drought declared in Klamath County again, new legislation welcomed by cattle experts, crabbing rules could affect harvests, and what to do if you find a baby bird on the ground.

OSU Creates a Purple Tomato

Called the Midnight Roma, Oregon State University Extension Service has created the first antioxidant-rich purple tomato available on the market. The tomato came about by crossing Oregon Star with Indigo Rose tomatoes.

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Emergency Declared for Klamath County

The Oregon governor has declared a drought emergency for Klamath County for the second straight year. According to experts, conditions are not expected to improve, which could continue to negatively impact farming, ranching and forestry in the region.  
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Cattle Market Legislation Welcomed by Association  

The Oregon Cattleman’s Association (OCA) says they welcome renewed interest in cattle market legislation on a national level. The OCA hopes talks will help renew trust between ranchers and lawmakers.

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New Crabbing Rules Could Affect Harvests

According to The Oregonian, new regulations aimed at protecting whales from crab fishing lines could have a negative effect on crab harvests. The new laws are said to help keep whales from getting caught up in lines offshore.

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Leave Baby Birds Alone, Says OSU

According to Oregon State University Extension Service wildlife experts, picking up an older baby bird that has fallen out of its nest can hinder its progress. However, the experts add that if a baby bird does not have feathers, it’s okay to pick them up and place them back in the nest as birds do not have a good sense of smell and will not abandon the baby.

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