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Ag News

Ag News Roundup: April 2, 2023

April 1, 2023

Ag news headlines this week include an economic boost for domestic fertilizer production, water investments get a lot of attention in Oregon, firefighters could use retardant in Washington state this summer, ag income expected to fall in 2023, and the right to repair farm equipment takes center stage.

American-made Fertilizer Gets a Buying Boost

The USDA announced it will invest $29 million in American-made fertilizer production companies this year. The grants are part of the first round of funding. The USDA expects to provide more investment dollars to help expand domestic fertilizer production.  
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Water Investments on Lawmaker Agendas

In Oregon, lawmakers are looking at legislation that would create a $250 million water security package. Supporters of the bill say it would boost the state’s water resilience.
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Retardant May be Used this Summer to Fight Fires

Washington state could, once again, okay the use of fire retardant to fight wildfires. The proposed legislation would create an exemption in the Clean Water Act.
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Farm Income May Fall in 2023

According to the USDA, U.S. farm income is forecast to drop in 2023 along with commodity prices and a rise in expenses. Cash profits could drop to $150.3 billion from a high of $195.3 billion in 2022.
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Right-to-Repair a Topic of Concern

From the Daily Yonder, limitations on what a farmer can do to repair and maintain their own farm equipment are under debate. Thankfully, a memorandum between John Deere and the American Farm Bureau Federation could help give farmers more rights to repair their own vehicles and implements.  
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