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Rifle & Pistol | Coastal Country

Rifle & Pistol

For the medium or big game hunters out there, you probably keep your rifle close at hand. Before you head out for another hunt, you'll find more of the rifle ammunition you need at Coastal with our wide selection of calibers. Or if you’re more for going down to the shooting range, we also carry pistol ammunition.

Hornady Ammunition
6.5 Creedmoor 140 grain ELD® Match

Hornady Ammunition
308 Win 155 grain Critical Defense®

Hornady Ammunition
460 S&W Magnum 200 grain FTX®

Hornady Ammunition
45 Colt 255 grain Cowboy™

Hornady Ammunition
9 mm Luger 147 grain XTP®

Hornady Ammunition
22-250 Rem 55 grain V-MAX®