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Insect & Pest Control | Coastal Country

Insect & Pest Control

Take care of the insects and pests in your home, in your garden, in your out buildings, and across your property. From creepy crawlers to birds and rodents, Coastal makes pest control easy.

Here you can find ant sprays and ant traps from Ortho and Terro. Buy an insecticide spray to protect your fruit trees during the growing season and fruit fly traps for after the harvest. For rusts, mildews, and root rots, we have Bondine’s fungicide lineup.

Organic Control, Inc
Live Beneficial Nematodes

$27.99 Was $34.99
Organic Control, Inc
Live Ladybug Lacewing Combo Pack

$15.99 Was $19.99
Organic Control, Inc
Live Adult Ladybugs, 500-Ct

$11.19 Was $13.99
Organic Control, Inc
Praying Mantids Egg Case

$11.99 Was $14.99
Pic Corporation
PIC Electronic Mosquito and Flying Insect Trap

$29.44 Was $57.99
Reusable W-H-Y Trap

Disposable Fly Trap