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From Our Reindeer Providers

For our Oregon Stores:

What to know about the Reindeer of Timberview Farm from the folks at Timberview Farm

Thank you for showing concern for our reindeer. We appreciate all those who love and care for our animals as much as we do.  

The reindeer you see at Coastal are domesticated herd animals and are treated as such. In addition to 20 acres of high mountain forest to roam with hundreds of acres of surrounding area and basic care such as food and shelter, they receive regular medical care from veterinarians from around the world, socialization within the herd, and daily interactions with people. 

Our reindeer love going out and meeting people, and to do this, we must keep them safe. We put up a fenced barrier to protect them from vehicles and other potential dangers. We clean the area and/or lay down a tarp to keep them from eating harmful items. We have an experienced reindeer handler at the event(s) to help ensure the continued safety of our animals. 

Here are some common behaviors you might see that are often misinterpreted by well-meaning humans: 

  1. The reindeer’s head is down: This is their relaxed position.  They are pulling animals and they put their heads down naturally.  If their head was up, that means they smell danger. 
  2. Pacing: It is normal for the reindeer to walk back and forth. It is the same as a person laying around and needing to get up and stretch their legs. This type of pacing is not a stress-induced behavior. It is a normal movement pattern.   


For our Washington Stores:

What to know about the Reindeer of Reindeer Express from the folks at Reindeer Express 

For over 20 years, Reindeer Express has promoted and educated the public on Reindeer production in the United States through local communities, holiday events, and outreach activities.  

  • Reindeer Express believes in putting the utmost value on the welfare of all animals.  
  • Our Reindeer only work a few days out of the year. We remain their servants the rest of the year.  
  • Our Reindeer are well-fed, see a doctor regularly, and are pretty much spoiled rotten. J Our vet bills help support the WSU large animal teaching hospital! 
  • If you have any concerns, we appreciate your bringing these concerns to us personally. We will try to answer all questions and concerns.  

Reindeer Express is a licensed USDA facility under the Animal Welfare Act. We have been raising and displaying Reindeer for over 20 years. We are proud members of Reindeer Owners Breeders Association (R.O.B.A.) and North American Deer Farmers Association (NADFA).

  •  We encourage responsible animal ownership and believe that their welfare comes first.