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Country Lifestyle | Product Spotlight | November 16, 2018

Holidays 2018: Coastal Toyland

You’ll find all the country gifts of yesteryear at your Northwest owned and operated Coastal. We’ve turned several aisles into a holiday toyland, and we’ve packed it full of things the kids, and the kid in all of us, will love.

Hunting Safety Starts Early

Show your kids how fun hunting can be with the Mossy Oak Hunting Blind that sets up in seconds. Pair it with the Mossy Oak Pump Shotgun with realistic sounds and pretend shells that discharge just like the real thing. Other items include the Realtree Walkie Talkies and AK Commando rubber band gun.

Bring the Arcade Home

The folks over at Basic Fun have created some handheld versions of arcade classics. We’ve made them available at Coastal. Choose from Tetris, Frogger, or Pac-Man. Get them all and enjoy the sounds of an ‘80s arcade.

Fantasy Hopper Unicorn

Bounce Your Way into Their Hearts  

The Fantasy Hoppers Unicorn is a whole lot of bouncing fun. This active toy gets kids hopping, quite literally. Plus, it builds coordination, core muscles, and imagination. Easy to inflate and stands up to almost anything, including indoor and outdoor environments.


LEGO Comes to Coastal  

Choose from Duplo for the younger kids and LEGO for the older ones. Sets include Star Wars, country lifestyle, and tween Friends Adventures.

Breyer Horses

Everyone Loves Horses

Breyer is the leader when it comes to horse featured toys. This year, you’ll find a full line of fun packs at Coastal, including the Wild at Heart 4-pack that features a Quarter Horse, Red Chestnut Pinto, Palomino Mustang, and Liver Chestnut Roan Quarter Horse. Other packs include the Classics Collection Palomino Morgan and Foal, as well as the Let’s Go Riding Collection Spirit of the Horse.

Farming Toys

Farming Brings Families Together

Perfect for both boys and girls, these farm vehicles and sets improve imaginations and offer some teachable moments too. Choose from the John Deere ERTL 2520 Tractor, the Hobby Farm Set with horses, fencing, opening gates, working loader, opening tailgates, and headlights that really work, or the John Deere 1/64 Scale Tractor that teaches kids all about the real machine. We also carry the John Deere Die-Cast Metal Replica Model B.


Tonka Tough Toys

Tonka is known for a few things, including the color yellow, durability, and long-lasting fun. Bring home any of the classics, including the Mighty Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Front Loader.

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