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Ag News | December 1, 2019

Ag News Roundup - December 1st 2019

Ag News Roundup for December 1, 2019

In today’s Ag News Roundup, farmers are using less water for irrigation, a new fire program has been implemented in Oregon, EPA to clarify clean water definitions, OSU helps with houseplants, and seed growers sound the alarm on proposed import rules.

Farmers Using Less Water for Irrigation Nationally

According to an Irrigation and Water Management Survey done in early November 2019, farmers are using less water to irrigate more land. The survey compared 2013 survey results with those in 2019. Water use for irrigation was down in the Pacific Northwest as well.

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OSU Extension Service Implements New Statewide Fire Program

In an effort to help forest and range-management plans, OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program and the College of Forestry have implemented the program with funding allocated by the Oregon Legislature.

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EPA to Clarify Definition of Clean Water

According to a story from the Washington Farm Bureau, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repealed its Clean Water Rule set in 2015 and will replace it with a new definition that provides clarity for government officials, agriculture, and the general public.

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OSU Helps People Grow Houseplants

Oregon State University Extension Service has released some guidelines to help people grow better, healthier houseplants. The key ingredient, according to OSU experts, is light exposure, followed by the right amount of water for the plant at specific times of the year.

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Oregon Seed Industry Finds Federal Import Requirements Limiting

The Oregon seed industry says that federal agencies wanting to require quarantine before entering Oregon warehouses could limit growers. Current, quarantines happen at Oregon warehouses. The move could increase costs by up to $1,800 per container of seeds.

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