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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Play in the Toy Aisles

Every year, our employees spot Santa and his elves scoping out our toy aisles, looking for ideas. They’ve even been known to pick up some last-minute items for country kiddos who made it to the ‘nice’ list. What about your list? Show the kids in your life what play-time is all about with country-inspired toys for all ages from Coastal.


Perfect for Pets

Animals bring joy and happiness to our lives. We’re not just talking about dogs and cats. For country folk, that includes backyard birds, rabbits, chickens, horses, and any other critters that hold a special place in your heart.

Brighten their holiday and beyond with gifts designed just for the four-legged, fuzzy, and feathered friends in your life at Coastal.

Gifts for the Family

Family and farming are as American as baseball and apple pie. We have the country-inspired gifts that are perfect for your whole family, from items that promote togetherness and fun, to presents everyone will appreciate. See what Santa has in store for your family.

Gifts Under $25

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. You’ll find little country-inspired gifts throughout our stores. Or buy online. Coastal has you covered with Santa-approved gifts for under $25 that everyone will love.

Gifts for Farm Hands

We’re your headquarters for everything country, including some of the best gift ideas for the farm hands and farmhands in your life. You know, the hands that keep your piece of paradise running smoothly all year long, from your family and friends to your neighbors, hired help, as well as your own, hard-working digits.

Gifts for Guys

That special guy in your life doesn’t always know what he wants for the holidays, which can make shopping for him a bit difficult. That’s where Coastal can help. From footwear and fashion to sports equipment, firearms, and more, your Northwest owned and operate Coastal is packed with gifts he’ll appreciate every day of the year.

Gifts for Gals

When you listen carefully and look for hints around the house, you’ll know exactly what to get for that special lady in your life this holiday season. But, if you still aren’t sure, Coastal is here to help you out. Pick up what you need to brighten her Christmas morning or order online. Either way, you’ll be the best Santa ever in her eyes.

Gifts You Need

Santa is an American farmer at heart. He knows that the perfect gifts aren’t just about the things you want. Sometimes, it’s about getting what you need for your farm, ranch, or slice of suburbia. Your Northwest owned and operated Coastal has those items in stock. Whether or not you wrap them up and put them under the tree is entirely up to you.